Sample PPS Exercises

The following are sample PPS exercises used by LEAPS Panelists in their first-year torts classes.

The Case of the Weary Hand

Available in the Riskin, Westbrook, Guthrie, Heinsz, Reuben and Robbennolt, Dispute Resolution and Lawyers (3d ed. 2005)

In this problem, a concert pianist brings a medical malpractice claim against his doctor following the injection into his arthritic hand of a new medication called “goodasnew.” The drug failed to work as expected and resulted in the pianist missing several concerts, including a concert for a charity. For more information about how to use this problem, contact panel members Robert Ackerman (author of the problem) or Sarah Cole, both of whom use this exercise in a first-year Torts class.

Anthony v. Padilla and County Road Commission

Available in Teacher’s Manual to Shulman, James, Gray & Gifford’s Law of Torts: Cases and Materials on the Law of Torts (5th ed. 2010)

For more information about how to use this complex three-party negotiation problem, please contact panel member Don Gifford.

Parker Personal Injury Problem

Available from Charles Craver,, or panel member Sarah Cole

The Parker personal injury case involves a personal injury hypothetical which raises a significant ethical question.